Senior Pastor
Lee has been the pastor of Crossroads Church since 2014. He and his wife, Carla, have been married over 35 years. They have 2 daughters, Ashlee and Carlee.  Lee is a graduate of Toccoa Falls Bible College. He has spent his entire life leading ministries around the country. He began as a student ministry pastor in Syracuse, NY and has led student ministries in Orlando, Fl, Turlock, CA, Raleigh, NC, and Little Rock, AR. As a student pastor, he facilitated the development of ministries in churches through Sonlife ministry. He has also been the senior leader of churches in Fort Myers, FL, Raleigh, NC and Turlock CA.

1. 5 things people should know about me:
1) I love basketball, especially March Madness;
2) My wife is my best friend.
3) I am not a morning person.
4) I am passionate about grace, leadership, and finding God in culture.
5) I love when people find Jesus.'
2. Books I love:
'“Unstoppable Force” by Erwin McManus, “Jesus Creed” by Scot McKnight, “Lincoln On Leadership” by Donald Phillips, “Dancing With Broken Bones” by David Schwartz, “Divine Conspiracy" by Dallas Willard.'
3. Music you will find on my playlist: 'Elevation Worship, Bethel Worship, The Rippingtons, Zac Brown Band.'
4.  What do I miss from when I was 18: 'Being able to play basketball, lots.'
5.  What is keeping me up at night: 'I want my life to make a difference in the life of others.'

Chet reid

Executive Pastor
Chet is a native Californian born in Modesto and raised in the surrounding communities of Waterford, Hilmar, and Riverbank. He is married to Theresa Antognini from Patterson and they have been married forty-seven years. They have two adult children and seven grandchildren. His ministry roles have included serving as an associate pastor, senior pastor, executive staff denominationally, and President of a Christian Foundation. He has always been active at the local church teaching Community groups and has an extensive background in finance, investment banking, and estate planning. He loves coaching families to become successful stewards meeting their current family needs, retirement, and generous support of the Lord's work through estate planning.  He has a master’s degree in Church Administration, and a Doctorate in Business Development from California Baptist University, Riverside, CA.

1. 5 things people should know about me:

'1) I’m serious about sharing the Word of God with clarity and accuracy,
2) I enjoy teaching young believers “how to live a successful Christian life”,
3) Developing believers to adopt a mind-set that “we are managers, not owners of our resources”,
4) Helping people become fruitful believers in a challenging world.
5) Following the Word is very important.'
2. Books I love: '"Good to Great" by Jim Collins  and "Disciples Are Made Not Born" by Walter A. Henrichsen.'
3. Music on my playlist: 'Gathers, Lee Greenway, Scott Westley Brown, Southern gospel'
4. What I miss from when I was 18 years old: 'Nothing. My best year is the one I’m living!'
5. What is keeping me up at night: 'How to best support the Crossroads leadership as they engage in reaching our community. I’m rarely satisfied. We can always do more.'

Ty Caskey

Celebrations Pastor
Ty graduated from CSU Stanislaus with a B.A. in Sociology, and continued his education at Brandman University with post graduate study in special education. Though Ty went to school to teach, the Lord redirected his course to ministry. In 2013, Ty was hired as the worship director at Crossroads Church. He soon became the worship pastor and by 2017, he received a vocational ministry license through the EFCA and is now the Celebrations Pastor. Pastor Ty is married to his wife Ashleigh, who he met during his time in college. Together they have two energetic boys, Easton and Kai and their dog named Walter.

1. 5 things people should know about me: '1) I enjoy writing and recording music,
2) I enjoy playing sports especially golf and baseball,
3) I drink a lot of water!
4) I love Mexican food!
5) I do all the cooking in our family.'
2. Books I love: 

'The Bible, "Worship Matters" by Bob Kaufl, "Simple Church" by Tho S. Rainer & Eric Geiger,
"Courageous Leadership" by Bill Hybels.'
3. Music you will find on my playlist: '
Shane and Shane, Pat Barrett, Derek Johnson - "Real Love", Cory Asbury, and Corey Voss.'
4.  What do I miss from when I was 18: 
'Less bills!'
5.  What is keeping me up at night: 
'My two and four year old!'

kord jacobsen

Student Minister
Kord's phrase for life is that, “If you can’t hold a conversation with me, it’s your fault.” The reason being is that Kord likes to talk and he has A LOT of stuff to talk about. The list includes but is not limited to; His love for Jesus, his wife, his dog, football, video games, home renovation, music and music gear, combat sports, movies, coffee, travel, books, food, etc.
Kord received his Bachelors in Biblical and Theological Studies from Liberty University and plans to pursue further into his education in the future. His wife Lacy also plays a vital role in the Student Ministry at Crossroads.

1. 5 things people should know about me: 
'1) I’m a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt,
2) I prefer podcasts over music for working/driving/etc,
3) I have the best dog ever,
4) I drink way too much coffee,
5) I will ask often to meet over coffee.'
2. Books I love: 'C.S. Lewis’ "Mere Christianity" is a must read for anyone of any faith level.'
3. Music you will find on my playlist: 'Hype music for working out. Anything that can get the heart pumping.'
4.  What do I miss from when I was 18: 'A lot of the friends I lost after I became a Christian.'
5.  What is keeping me up at night: 'Normal everyday ministry stress.'

Carlee TOWNS

Children's Minister
 Carlee Towns graduated from Simpson University and God called her into Children’s Ministry through the time she spent there! She is always up for some good competition, loves being with people, and is passionate about seeing kids connect who God is in their life! There is rarely a bad day in her mind, it is all about perspective; you have to make the most out of what God gives you. She would love to meet you, so stop by the Kids areas next time you're at Crossroads and say hi!

1. 5 things people should know about me:
'1) I graduated from Simpson University with a Bachelor’s in General Ministry
2) I love good competition
3) I love hearing people’s life stories
4) I love seeing kids connect who God is and where they need Him in their life!
5) There is rarely a bad day in my eyes, it is all about your perspective!'
2. Books I love:
'"Everybody Always" and "Love Does" by Bob Goff,
"The Shack" by Paul Young, "Good Faith" by Kinnaman & Lyons, "For All The Right Reasons" by Sean Lowe.'
3. Music you will find on my playlist: 'If you find me without music playing, something has to be wrong! Lauren Daigle, Ben Platt, Steffany Gretizinger, Khalid, & Hillsong United.'
4.  What do I miss from when I was 18: 'The routine of going to school & the innocence of my youth, the world seemed so much safer and carefree.'
5.  What is keeping me up at night: 'The weight of the responsibility to introduce kids to Jesus. Our world is extremely broken and our kids are getting hit from every side with negativity and wrong direction, so to think about the importance of laying the foundation in their life of who Jesus is and that they need safety and love from the Church is powerful and daunting at times! That thought is what keeps me awake at night but it also motivates me when I get out of bed every morning.'


Jennie laney

Direction & Formation Assistant

dana johnson

Generations Assistant

scott jerner

Facilities Coordinator

nathan heisler